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Introduction to Microbial Metabolism and BiostaticsSelf enrolment
Nanoparticles and Nano-Toxicity Studies (Sem 3)Self enrolment
S.BOT.3.01 Plant Diversity IISelf enrolmentInformation
S.BOT.3.02 Plant Physiology and Biochemistry IISelf enrolmentInformation
S.BOT.3.03 Anatomy, Embryology & PalynologySelf enrolmentGuest access
S.CHE.3.01 Physical and Analytical Chemistry I
S.CHE.3.03 Organic and Industrial Chemistry ISelf enrolment
S.GEO.3.01 Paleontology and StratigraphySelf enrolment
S.ITS.3.03 Advanced Structured Query LanguageSelf enrolment
S.ITS.3.04 JavaSelf enrolment
S.ITS 3.05 Embedded SystemsSelf enrolment
S.LSC.3.01 Comparative Physiology - ISelf enrolment
S.LSC.3.02 Enzymes and Metabolic PathwaysSelf enrolmentInformation
S.MIC.3.01 Cell Biology, Microbial Virulence, Innate ImmunitySelf enrolment
S.MIC.3.03 Basis of Genetics and BioinformaticsSelf enrolment
S.PHY 3.01 Physical and Quantum OpticsSelf enrolment
S.PHY.3.01 MechanicsSelf enrolment
S.PHY.3.02 Electricity And Magnetism Self enrolment
S.PHY.3.02 Special Relativity, Astronomy and CosmologySelf enrolment
S.PHY.3.03 Quantum MechanicsSelf enrolment

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